Review Policy
The Reviews

Written book reviews will be posted to The Night Owl Post and posted on by the reviewer. Written book reviews will also be shared on Twitter, The Night Owl Post Facebook page, and The Night Owl Post Tumblr and possibly other social networking websites.

Video book reviews will be posted to the reviewers YouTube channel and posted to The Night Owl Post website. It will be shared on Twitter, The Night Owl Post Facebook page, and The Night Owl Post Tumblr and possibly other social networking websites. A written version of the review will also be posted on

All reviews will include the following:

  • The summary of the book
  • Detailed information about the book (number of pages, publisher, etc.)
  • Links to the following:
    • Book’s website (if applicable)
    • Author’s website (if applicable)
    • Publishers website (if applicable)
    • Book’s GoodReads page
  • Overall star rating

Most likely things you’ll find in BrandiMarie88′s book review videos:

  • The book itself
  • Brief appreciation of the cover art… because it matters.
  • Personal summary of the book or a dramatic reading of the books summary from, the jacket flap, or the publisher’s website.
  • Introduction to the story and overall plot
  • Characters
  • “The Good, the Bad and The Ugly” thoughts on the book
  • The ending of the book and it’s overall satisfactory feeling
  • Spoiler Warnings
  • Overall opinion/rating of the book
  • Advice to viewers/subscribers in regards to the book
Negative Reviews

They exist. Let me, Brandi, preface this by telling you I have given a book(s) a negative review in the past. Sometimes I get a book that I just don’t enjoy or get anything out of. There are a lot of things I take into consideration. I’ll still do a basic review but I’ll go more into the overall feel of the book and what I got out of it. I’m not going to sit there for 4 – 5 minutes and say “this was a stupid book”. I will tell what I didn’t like and I WILL be fair about it. There are no guarantees that I am going to like a book but fortunately publishing companies know what they are doing (90% of the time) when they take on an authors work(s) and I have been lucky enough not to have received too many “bad eggs.”

Genres focuses mainly on Young Adult literature  however, sometimes exceptions are made for genres outside of the YA boundaries.

  • Chick Lit / Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Paranormal
  • Historical Fiction
  • Mystery / Thriller
  • Sci-Fi
  • Zombies
  • Fantasy
  • Chick Lit
  • Sci-Fi
How long will it take for a review:

Any book(s) accepted to review WILL BE REVIEWED! I, Brandi, was once an intern and had to send out quite a few galleys and ARC’s… if you took the time to mail it to me, I’m gonna take the time to review it. I can do this because I personally put a limit, for myself, on how many books I accept each month (and an author/publisher/book publicist will know if I have accepted the book for review because I don’t give out mailing addresses to just anyone). I, Brandi, take into account the number of books I have personally requested (and have received) and what readers/subscribers are suggesting to me.   However, I am a real person and real life happens to me. If I accept a book for review I will do my absolute best to review the book around the time of the release date (preferably around a month) but sometimes it gets pushed back for various personal reasons. Doesn’t mean I’m not going to review it.

Interviews | Guest Posts | Blog Tours

We’re all about promoting and marketing works we love so feel free to contact us about interviewing an author, receiving guest posts, and participating in blog tours. Once we have been contacted we can discuss times and whether or not one of the Night Owl Post staff members will be available to help. Please see below for more about Guest Posts. Also, please use the contact link from the menu at the top of the page.

Guest Posts

This is not an opportunity to self-promote but to contribute to the content of The Night Owl Post. We look for writers, bloggers, and/or BookTubers to incite discussion or share their personal thoughts and/or opinions on matters and/or books. Please keep this in mind before contacting us.


The books reviewed are usually purchased by the reader/reviewer personally or provided by the publisher and/or the author. We do NOT accept/receive monetary compensation for any reviews. There has been some bad rumors that some reviewers have been getting paid for reviews. We don’t play that game.


We are a site dedicated to bringing you the latest news and reviews from the fiction world. The Night Owl Post reviews are that of the individual reviewer and is their own personal opinion. We are not paid for our reviews nor do we accept payment. This site is in no way affiliated with any book publishing companies, self publishing sites and/or authors or any of their representatives. We do not claim copyright on any images and/or cover art used in our posts.

Rating System
5 Stars
A book that you will love and cherish and read again and again
4 Stars
A fantastic read that is highly recommended, definitely share-able
3 Stars
An pretty okay read still worth the purchase
2 Stars
It was meh but I'd suggest borrowing it first before purchasing
1 Star
Would not recommend, borrow at your own risk

ACCEPTING Books for Review

Submit Review Request

Please note that this can change day-to-day. We try to accept only a certain amount of books per month.

Before requesting a book review please read all of the review policy.

Updated March 28, 2015

These policies have been created by myself, Brandi, administrator of The Night Owl Post and are a guide for all reviews posted to this website. These review policies are to better help the author/publisher/book publicist.

I, as well as all other reviewers on this website, reserve the right to politely decline any book review request for whatever reason.

What is accepted?

YA literature, ARC’s, and/or finished work from authors and publishers.

I, Brandi, do NOT personally accept self published books. Reviews posted on this website are personal, original, and most importantly honest. It is not the intention of this website to offend or insult any persons work. It is the intention to share thoughts and feelings and hold discussion about works shared on this website.