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28962906Stalking Jack the Ripper
Author: Kerri Maniscalco
Publisher: Jimmy Patterson
Release Date: September 20, 2016

Synopsis and Review:

Jack the Ripper was a serial killer during the Victorian era who took a particular liking in slitting women’s throats and cutting up their bodies. While I have heard a thing or two about the real story, I have yet to endeavor any creative pieces inspired by him. Stalking Jack the Ripper is definitely my first.
I particularly enjoyed the setting used in Kerri Maniscalco’s version. Audrey Rose is a woman living in the Victorian Era who is secretly practicing forensic science under her uncle’s supervision. I believe that the protagonist and the setting make a perfect couple as Audrey Rose is just the kind of awesome feminine character that the young adult world needs right now.
In that time where basically everything except tea parties and embroidery is considered scandalous, it is amazing to read about someone who is breaking tradition to save the world. I think a lot of feminists will enjoy reading about Audrey Rose because she just makes so many valid points on women’s roles and identities in the society.


Moreover, Kerri Maniscalco’s writing is so lively that I simply cannot applaud her enough on this matter. All the death scenes and gore are described so vividly that they will immediately form an unwelcoming image in your brain. All the quips and flirting between the two main characters also add a perfect touch to the book.


While this book seems to have reached a nice ending, a quick search on GoodReads reveals that Stalking Jack the Ripper is in fact the first of a trilogy. I believe that it is quite safe to say that I will definitely continue on with this series. It seems that the next title will have a completely different setting according to this one’s epilogue and I can’t wait to see where Kerri Maniscalco’s imagination will take us.
Disclaimer: ARC provided by Hachette Book Group Canada in exchange for honest review. All opinions are my own.

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