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Rebel-Spring-Morgan-RhodesRebel Spring
Morgan Rhodes
Publisher: Razorbill
Release Date: December 3rd, 2013
No. of Pages:
Hardcover, 401 pages

Rebel Spring is the second book to the wonderful fantasy series Falling Kingdoms penned by Morgan Rhodes. Everything that made me fall in love with Falling Kingdoms – the multiple characters, the tension and suspense, and the captivating writing style – are all present in this sequel. Even better, the problem of predictable plot is also nearly gone in this title.

Rebel Spring follows the people on this nation Mytica after the three kingdoms were forced to reunite under the rule of King Gaius. King Gaius will start a humongous project – linking Auranos, Limeros and Paelsia together – that will cause a riot among all people. As the rebels start to grow stronger and more powerful under the lead of Jonas, and the prince and princesses all have their own plans, the country becomes a mess once again.

The writing style that I have grown to love is even better in Rebel Spring. Morgan Rhodes really steps her game up in choosing her words such that every sentence is gripping and readers are pulled instantly into the story. Even though the story of Rebel Spring starts at a time that is 3 months later than where Falling Kingdoms ends and begins with new characters, it is nearly impossible to not get drawn in.

The magical element that some people might hope to read more about is definitely present in this installment. There are difficult types of magic in this book and thus it does not disappoint at all. Regarding the uniqueness of the magical world created by Morgan Rhodes, it is not completely new so there’s that. However, the predictable plot problem nearly disappears as the plot thickens. There are still some things that readers should be able to guess before things being revealed but this problem is not very series overall.

There are basically two kinds of addicting books in the YA world. The ones that read like reality shows, which essentially mean addicting due to the high level of drama but without any actual plot development, and the ones that are addicting due to its wonderfully developed plot and characters. I am beyond pleased to say that Rebel Spring falls under the latter category. Read this during a reading slump and I promise it will get you out of it.


Disclaimer: Finished copy provided by Big Honcho Media in exchange for honest review. All opinions are my own.

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