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25074130Game of Thrones: The Noble Houses of Westeros (Seasons 1 – 5)
Publisher: Running Press
Release Date: December 8,2015
No. of Pages: Hardcover, 160 pages

Synopsis and Review:

The Game of Thrones franchise, being best-selling books and a hit TV show, has led to many spin-off books and guides that fans cannot resist buying. With The Noble Houses of Westeros, the editors have brought a very detailed and helpful guide to the world.

Readers will certainly appreciate the amount of effort it took to make this guide comprehensive. With each House, the editors gave readers everything that they would ever need to know. From a much needed family tree to the costumes and swords as seen on the TV show, this guide has countless high quality photos and is undoubtedly a joy to feast your eyes upon. While this is by no means a costume guide, there are still so many details regarding the costumes that viewers of the show have missed but are now presented here.

Let’s talk about the target audience of this guide book to clear any confusion that you might have. It is not suitable for readers who have just started watching the show or reading the books. The book contains spoilers for events that have happened during the five seasons of Game of Thrones. As a result, it is most appropriate for viewers who are all caught up with the events and want a quick review.

I believe that the target audience is rather too specific. In fact, I would personally find it to be more useful if the information is set in the time before the series has begun. In that case, readers who are new to this series can always refer to this book as a crash course and readers who have poor memories i.e. myself can also view this as a reference book.

Overall, this is a wonderful and unique guidebook that fans of Game of Thrones, or rather, readers who are interested in this series in general, should really invest on. Moreover, at $16.00USD/$19.99CAD, it makes a really nice gift.

Disclaimer: Review copy provided by Publishers Group Canada in exchange for honest review. All opinions are my own.



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