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26869354City of the Lost

Author: Kelley Armstrong

Publisher: Random House Canada

Release Date: January 2, 2016

No. of Pages: Hardcover, 480 pages


Synopsis and Review:

When detective Casey Duncan’s dark past catches up with her suddenly, her seemingly simple yet perfect life is torn apart. And with her best friend Diana’s abusive ex appearing into her life again, Casey is persuaded to leave everything behind and move to a secret town to start over. While the town seems to be a peaceful change, she soon realizes the horrors and secrets beneath the surface.


My favorite thing about this thriller is definitely the setting. As you can tell from the synopsis or the title for that matter, City of the Lost is set in a town for all the people who need a place to start over. As a result, it is a town with people of interesting backgrounds, from abuse victims to malpractice doctor. It is beyond interesting to read about how these people adjust to living in this town and how people should judge them based on their current behavior instead of their past selves. Moreover, with the town being secret, it is also captivating to read about the lengths people go through in order to protect their town from being discovered. Kelley Armstrong crafted the setting very detailedly and it certainly pays off as it creates a vivid imagery. One can easily imagine how the town is supposed to look like.


This is the first title by Kelley Armstrong that I have ever read, which is a serious mistake because 1. Canadian 2. her writing is highly captivating. I definitely look forward to more works done by her and should her write another thriller in the future, I would surely pick it up. According to GoodReads, City of the Lost is the first book in the Casey Duncan series and there is a second book coming in February 2017. The title is A Darkness Absolute and that’s the only available information regarding the book.


Disclaimer: Review copy provided by Penguin Random House in exchange for honest review. All opinions are my own.

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