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All-I-Know-NowAll I Know Now: Wonderings and Advice on Making Friends, Making Mistakes, Falling in (and Out of) Love, and Other Adventures in Growing Up Hopefully
Carrie Hope Fletcher
Publisher: The Experiment
Release Date:
No. of Pages:
Paperback, 352 pages

Synopsis & Review: 
I have heard of Carrie Hope Fletcher before reading All I Know Now but I have never watched her videos before. That being said, I am quite unfamiliar with her, from her video contents to her personality. Luckily, Fletcher provided a brief summary of her life for those who are new here.

All I Know Now: Wonderings and Advice On Making Friends, Making Mistakes, Falling in (and Out of) Love, and Other Adventures in Growing Up Hopefully (this is an extremely long title) is a crossover between a self-help guide and an autobiography. It connects Carrie’s life experiences with advices that she hopes to pass to the readers.

Being 17 years old and a university student, I do feel that I do not fall into the targeted audience as most of the advices do not help much. However I do believe middle school students would certainly appreciate this guide as it covers basically everything these budding younglings would want and need to know.

As I am not one of Carrie fans, coined ‘Hopefuls’ apparently, I have no idea whether the stories that she has shared in All I Know Now are previously shared on her YouTube on not. It is very nice to see how she incorporates her lessons into her stories. However, I do hope to read more about these experiences and life stories. Right now, the self-help portion slightly outweighs the autobiography part. It would definitely be more interesting for readers.

Of course, I do believe that there are many other factors affecting one’s pleasure resulting from reading this book. I do believe that one’s life experience is a great determinant here and whether you are a YouTube subscriber or not also affects a lot. Nonetheless, I still believe that All I Know Now is a wonderful guide for middle school students who are intimated by the complexity of the world.

Disclaimer: Finished copy provided by Thomas Allen & Sons. All opinions are my own.

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