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A Work in Progress: A Memoir
Connor Franta
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Atria/Keyword Press
Release Date: April 21st, 2015
No. of Pages: Paperback, 212 pages

Synopsis & Review:
Welcome back to our read-along for Connor Franta’s A Work in Progress! If you haven’t already, click here to learn more about our thoughts on generalizing YouTubers.

The phrase that I would use to describe Connor Franta’s whole being is definitely “aesthetically pleasing”. Everything that he creates, from his especially artsy YouTube videos, to his critically acclaimed Instagram page, has his style marked all over it. You will certainly be pleased to know that A Work in Progress also carries the taste of elegance and sophistication that defines Connor Franta.

A Work in Progress: A Memoir follows Connor’s journey of growing up. He takes readers to a trip down the memory lane to look back on his childhood, and talks about making friends and finding himself along the way. This book gives readers many personal stories that he has not shared with anyone before on YouTube and thus grants readers a special chance to glimpse into Connor’s life beyond YouTube.

For someone who became famous due to YouTube, Connor surprisingly does not stress much on YouTube in his book. He talks about how this all came to be but other than that, he certainly does not give “YouTube” any special treatment. While there might be some people who find that this makes the book uninteresting, I actually like the way it is.

Even though YouTube makes up a great part of who Connor is, it certainly does not define nor limits him as a human being. There are more sides to Connor Franta than just YouTube and readers are just lucky enough to read more about those sides. This makes the book more special as it is a complement to Connor’s YouTube channel, not just his channel in book form.

The other thing that makes me adore A Work in Progress so much is that it is very clear that he has put huge effort into shaping the sentences. While the book does have a conversational tone in general, it certainly is not informal. Most of the time, I find the whole structure of the sentence to be highly poetic.

In general, A Work in Progress is a wonderfully crafted memoir that I am sure fans of Connor Franta would certainly enjoy. Even if you were not his subscribers on YouTube, this is still a refreshing read.

Thank you so much for joining us! We hope to see you next time.

Disclaimer: Finished copy provided by Simon and Schuster Canada in exchange for read-along. All opinions are my own.

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