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percy-jackson-greek-godsWelcome to the first discussion post for our Percy Jackson read-along!

Everybody knows that the Percy Jackson series is considered as Middle Grade. As a result, the older teenagers and adults who read these beloved books by Rock Riordan are often judged by their decision. Of course we should not mind what people think and do what makes us happy but are these people actually right though? Are we immature by reading something that has a targeted audience of the younger age?

The answer to that question is of course not. Our maturity is primarily determined by our actions and our thinking in daily events. The books we choose to read for leisure should not be a main determinant for our maturity. Of course there are exceptions, for example when you only wish to talk about what fictional characters you like and random hypothetical situations that will only occur in books or TV to your friends, but not about important matters in life. That is immature. (Yes, this is a dig at someone I know.) Otherwise, people should not judge us on what we love.

However, does it really matter that we read what is age appropriate? I think not. Now, I am not saying a thirteen-year-old should read Fifty Shades of Grey because we all know that is not okay. Young teens should not be reading such sexual materials. What I am saying is that it is perfectly fine for us to be a kid once again and read something that are for younger people. After all, we read so that we can enjoy and relax. We don’t always have to read books that challenge our beliefs and make us question our whole existence.

There you have it, I think that we are entitled to read as many middle grade books as we like. After all, I was definitely not that young when I started reading Harry Potter and Percy Jackson and I feel completely fine about it.

Join us next time to read about we think about Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods. Being someone who actually took a class about Ancient Greek and Roman culture, this book is one perfect book.

Disclaimer: Finished copy provided by Hachette Book Canada in exchange for read-along. All opinions are my own.

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