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Graces-GuideIt is very easy for teenagers to be jealous of YouTubers and there are numerous reasons to. It is a rather high-paying job and you get to work at home. You get to enjoy a certain degree of fame without being disturbed by paparazzi. There are many opportunities available, from going to red carpet events to recording songs to even hosting your own TV show! Grace Helbig, the author of Grace’s Guide, is a successful YouTuber herself and has her own TV show The Grace Helbig Show on E! network.

At the same time, it is also very easy to grow to admire these YouTubers and even love them to the same degree as loving any other celebrities. They are like the better version of yourselves, cooler, braver, more successful in life and career but at the same time they are just normal regular human beings like yourselves.

However for the older generations, many look down upon YouTubers and their “undeserved” fame. To them, they are just fellas who are lucky to be discovered and their works do not take any efforts. Several minutes of them filming themselves playing with each other and doing silly challenges certainly do not seem to deserve the salary that even people who work very hard are not able to earn. As a result, they question: Why would Barack Obama meet these YouTubers to listen to their opinions? Why can Grace Helbig get her own TV show at prime time? And most importantly, why are their children watching them?

To me, I have this weird dilemma where I am bitter about them not needing to work hard to get this wonderful job, while at the same time can’t help but continue to watch them. Yes, they are lucky and of course I wish to be one of them too but the truth is, it takes courage and dedication. You have to be realize that while there will be those who love you, there are also people who will drag people down by leaving hateful and mean comments. Moreover, you have to promote yourself constantly and even that may not be enough for you to be considered as a “big” YouTuber.

The fact that there are millions and millions of teenagers watching these YouTubers shows that teens these days are very lonely and do not usually socialize with others. As a result, teens treat these YouTubers as their older brothers and sisters and go to them when they want someone they can relate to. As for why Barack Obama values their opinions, governments of course want teenagers’ opinions on political and educational matters as they are the future and thus can only turn to these “representatives”.

All in all, I do believe that the older generations should start to realize and understand why these YouTubers are powerful. At the same time, the younger generations should also realize that these YouTubers are not our actual friends and watching them succeed in life will not make you successful. Friends have to be made in real life with our own efforts. And to get our own opportunities, we have to work hard ourselves and fight for our successful life through education or other methods.

Stay tuned for more about Grace’s Guide!

Disclaimer: Finished copy provided by Simon and Schuster Canada in exchange for read-along. All opinions are my own.

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