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Work-in-Progress_FrantaPeople usually love to generalize, which I totally get. It is easier to use one term instead of having to differentiate between them. You would say that there are many people on the street instead of there are teenagers, adults and babies on the street. There is also the advantage of avoiding the problem of missing some categories, ahem, the elderlies.

However, is it okay to generalize YouTubers?

There are many types of YouTubers as you might know. There are beauty gurus such as Zoe Sugg, gamers such as PewDiePie and then we have people such as Connor Franta. Now I am not saying that his videos do not have a theme and that they don’t have contents that brand him as something-something. In fact, what I am trying to say is that his content is too broad for us to try to fit him into a box.

As Connor said in his book A Work in Progress, “I am what the mainstream media refer to as a ‘YouTuber’. I view myself more vaguely as a content creator using an exciting new platform.” You don’t just say that that there are many professionals in this world; just as you shouldn’t say that there are many YouTubers on the Internet world. You would say that there are scientists such as Einstein and presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, right?

There are already lots of adults in this world who are confused by the notion of ‘YouTubers’. To them, one cannot create a profession by simply being a YouTuber, just as you cannot create a profession by simply being a human. Now being a comedian or a make-up artist makes sense to them. And being a comedian on YouTube or being a beauty guru on YouTube is just like that.

It is time to acknowledge the force of these content creators on YouTube and respecting them by giving them their right names is just the beginning.

We hope that this will serve as an introduction for readers who are not familiar with Connor Franta or do not know what to expect from this book.

Check back next week for our review on A Work in Progress by Connor Franta!

Disclaimer: Finished copy provided by Simon and Schuster Canada in exchange for read-along. All opinions are my own.
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