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23208406Welcome to the read-along for Girl Online On Tour! In these two weeks, we will be reading Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg. To kick off, we are having a discussion on dating your celebrity crush, or just dating a celebrity, today.

In Girl Online and its sequel Girl Online On Tour, readers follow the story of teenager blogger Penny and her romance with singer Noah. Even though Penny did not figure out that Noah is a singer until rather deep into the relationship, and thus it does not technically count as dating her celebrity crush, she is still dating a celebrity.

This storyline definitely appeals to many young readers as it does seem like every young girl, or rather, everyone wants to date a celebrity. In fact, a lot of people often fantasize about dating a celebrity. However, is this really such a nice thing? Let’s consider the pros and cons. 

First of all, the pure aspect of someone famous dating you is already a major PRO. Out of all the people that he/she could date, such as other gorgeous celebrities, he/she chose you! It is impossible not to be flattered when a celebrity who has been to a lot of nations and met thousands of people, pays special attention to you.

Secondly, having a celebrity as your significant other means that he/she can afford to give you more extravagant gifts that normal boyfriend/girlfriend cannot afford. Even though it is the thoughts that count, it is nice to receive some lavish gifts from time to time. Moreover, you will be introduced to his/her circle of friends and you will definitely meet a lot of ‘cool’ people.

However, it will also bring numerous disadvantages. Even if you are not in the spotlight all the time and you choose to keep your relationship as private as possible, your relationship will eventually be exposed online, sooner or later. This will not only result in lack of privacy, as extreme as having paparazzi following you and your partner all day. It is also highly possible that your partner’s fans will harass you online just because they also want to be the lucky girl/guy who captures their idol’s heart.  

So what do you choose? Would you date a celebrity given the chance? Comment below!

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Disclaimer: Review copy provided by Simon and Schuster Canada in exchange for read-along. All opinions are my own. 
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  1. I am a huge 5SOS fan and honestly i will date any guy especially ASHTON <333 in a heart beat!! I don't care about any of those stuff!!!

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