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Welcome to the second stage of our Stephanie Perkins read-along! We will now leave Anna and the French Kiss behind and start reading Lola and the Boy Next Door.

I do not know if our readers know this but, these two books did not use to look like this. Instead, they have covers with, uh, people on it. I myself love the new covers but for some readers, they just NEED to collect both the original and new covers. Let’s hear it from our friend Nanna over at @overflowingshelf

She has many copies of Stephanie Perkins’ titles and this is because of the sudden cover changes.
“Well I love Stephanie Perkins’ book and I first picked up Anna when I had just graduated from high school in the fall. I wasn’t in a happy place and I wasn’t going off to college but I was getting a lot of reading done. So one day, I was at my local bookstore I was looking through their “New Releases” and I picked up Anna. The part where she mentioned “Moulin Rouge” and how to correctly spell oui made me buy it then and there. (It’s embarrassing to admit this now but I didn’t know how to spell oui until my senior year in high school!)

So I read it and it made me euphoric.

I got so giddy and happy after reading it. It’s really took me out of my dark place. I waited for Lola to come out, and bought it. A few days after that I realized that Stephanie Perkins was coming to SoCal. At the event, I bought Anna in paperback because it has deckled pages! Then they came out with the new editions and I LOVED them. I immediately bought a copy of each. It made me sad that we would never get to see a copy of Isla with the older style in the cover because I adored the old covers.

Yes, they were cheesy but they were cute and adorable.

Then for Isla, Stephanie Perkins’ publisher had a preorder gift set. Basically if we preordered Isla from a local indie bookstore we received; a tote, some button, stickers, and our copy signed. So of course, I went and got one! Then a few weeks before Isla published, I found a copy of Isla early on the shelves so I bought it! (My goodness, how impatient of me!) but we really had waited over a year for this book and I was desperate. And then I met Stephanie Perkins again supported the bookstore bought another copy of the new Anna in paperback, and had her sign my copies.

Finally, she announce last fall that in order for those who like to have their copies match, Dutton would be publishing Anna & Lola in hardcover, BLESS THE HEAVENS! I finally had a matching set. So that’s how I have like 10 copies of Stephanie Perkins’ 3 books. And I need Isla in paperback now so I can have two matching sets. Oh, lord. “

It is still possible to buy the original covers in some bookshelves but will you purchase them just to add to your collection? Think about it and let us know!

Disclaimer: Finished copy provided by Penguin Books Canada in exchange for honest review. All opinions are my own.
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