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According to Deadline in an exclusive press release it has been announced that “ABC has put in development Bright Young Things, a drama based on Alloy’s best-selling Bright Young Thingsbook series written by Anna Godbersen.”

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John Wells Productions and Alloy Entertainment through the Warner Brother TV studio will work together to produce the TV series. Sheila Callaghan, who is the writer and producer of Showtimes Shameless, which I LOVE, will also write the adaptation for Bright Young Things.

The synopsis given is, “It is set in 1929 and centers on two women who escape their small Midwestern town and end up in Manhattan. One discovers that the father she’s never known is the head of a crime ring, while the other struggles to become a singer.

I really enjoyed Bright Young Things (Book 1) and Beautiful Days (Book 2) by Anna Godbersen, and the final novel in the series, The Lucky Ones, is still on my “to-read” list. The series is set during an era that I love and am interested to see how ABC will portray it on the big screen. Era pieces such as this demand a “go big, or go home” production. If it is going to be cheap and dull, very much the opposite of the books, then I hope they bow out before they waste their time.

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Are you excited about this adaptation? What are your thoughts? Have you read the series by Anna Godbersen?

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